Fight Fascism! Feminist, anti-racist, fighting for climate-justice and a solidary society!

Let’s go to the radical left block at the #nichtmituns-demo on the 15.02.2020 in Erfurt!

In the past few days we have shown what it means to bring our struggles together. Thousands went on the streets in Thuringia and far beyond – self-organized and across borders of political spectra.
We interpret the current events as an important step in the process of the continuous fascization of society: On 5.2. the bourgeois-liberal-wing dropped the demarcation from open fascism in Thuringia, which had been maintained at least half-heartedly until then. Our problem is not the end of R2G. Rather, we fear that the social climate will worsen significantly if the right-wing closes together.
Fascization through successful cooperation of the right camp
The strength of the AfD has long been in the making. Already in the early 1990s, racist sentiment led to a wave of pogroms, murders and arson attacks that legitimized the de facto abolition of the right to asylum. In the 2000s, concepts of the „new right“ spread: a positive orientation towards inequality and the right of the stronger, anti-feminism, open nationalism, culturalist racism (especially against Muslims) and social chauvinism. In Thuringia, all of these are ideas that are also widespread in conservatism. This also explains why the Nazi terrorists from the NSU were able to move freely around here and even received aid from the Thuringian constitutional protection. The now practiced ‚open‘ cooperation between Nazis and the conservative-liberal bourgeoisie will increase these synergy effects, in other words: united conservative and fascists will be even more successful in implementing their misanthropic ideas. Anyone who opposes this will continue to be criminalized and monitored, while Thuringia will remain an important economic factor for the well-connected right-wing scene.
Climate change and foreclosure
The AfD is a fascist party that needs to be fought. We therefore welcome the commitments of various parties against fascist and misanthropic policies. With regard to the climate crisis, it is clear that such statements in one place are compatible with misanthropic policies in another place. Any demarcation against the racism of the AfD loses credibility if at the same time the seriousness of the climate crisis and thus the reality of life of those affected is not recognized. Instead of making serious efforts to stop climate change, climate activists are being criminalized and measures are being taken to adapt Europe to global warming. “Adaptation” means, for example, the current foreclosure policy of the EU and gag contracts with African countries, which are intended to ensure that Germany and the EU have access to scarce resources. Across the party spectrum, there seems to be a widespread belief that entrenching climate security at national citadels is a realistic and legitimate answer to the climate crisis.
Racism and Exclusion as a Crisis Response
Racism, arbitrariness of the authorities, discrimination, agitation on the streets and in parliaments, attacks on refugees are already commonplace in Thuringia. The SPD, FDP and CDU (but also parts of the Left and Greens) ultimately offer the same racist asylum policy of foreclosure and isolation in Europe as a solution to the climate crisis, which the AfD also propagates as a supposed answer to all kinds of social problems – be it the crisis of social and welfare state, patriarchal violence or crises in the housing and labor market. An emancipatory struggle for climate justice and the anti-fascist struggle meet in the demand for a society based on solidarity without racism, anti-Semitism and nationalism, and against which the statement ‚against right‘ has to be measured.
Anti-feminism as a link for the right
Anti-feminist positions form a link between fascism and conservatism. This is not only reflected in the fact that the FDP is working hand in hand with the AfD and CDU to repeal the parity law that has just been passed. The Christian conservative ‚life protectors‘ movement, which wants to deprive pregnant women of their right to self-determination, has long been associated with reactionary organizations and works with fascists like Beatrix von Storch. Several Union politicians criminalize abortions. The struggles of women*, trans*, inter* and queers for the recognition, visibility and legal equality of one’s own identity are defamed as ‚(gender) madness‘.
Anti-Semitism is once again becoming possible
Demands such as „that Auschwitz will never be again“ and „the annihilation of Nazism with its roots“ must not remain a ritualized lip service. Last year, an anti-Semite and racist killed two people in Halle – had a wooden door not been able to withstand, he would have killed many more people in the synagogue. A growing number of students question the Shoah. Jews are exposed to anti-Semitism every day. Synagogues need police protection. And in Thuringia, approval ratings for anti-Semitic attitudes are increasing. Instead of fighting decidedly, the FDP and CDU are on 5.2. consciously entered into the pact with Höcke – even though he dreams loudly of the “1000-year-old empire”, makes use of Nazi rhetoric and pursues historical revisionism.
Parliamentary democracy as a solution?
The events of the past few days make it clear that we cannot rely on parliamentarianism and the bourgeois state in the fight against the right-wing. Just as historically the NS came to power through democratic processes, various forces at different levels are now working towards seizing power – be it the AfD, which openly says that parliament is only an instrument to abolish democracy. Be it federal police officers and soldiers who team up with Uniter for Day X and have already ordered body bags. The prerequisites for this are created by bourgeois-liberal forces that look away and participate, in concrete terms: FDP and CDU. Mind you: the CDU, which was still on May 1 in the alliance #zusammenstehen against the campaign start of the AfD. This shows just how short-term a bourgeois, state-supporting anti-fascism, which only consists of compromising formula and showing face, works.
Everything has to be done by ourselves!
The current fight against fascization is only the beginning. It is a prerequisite for a life without exploitation, marginalization and oppression. This fight works best from below. Self-organized and grassroots democratic. By bringing together struggles that lead to a common goal: a good life for everyone!
We do not want capitalism tamed in the bourgeois state, but its abolition!
We fight for a life without racism and for freedom of movement for everyone!
We are active for a life without sexism and heteronormativity!
We demand climate justice and no reactionary crisis solutions!
We insist that the fight against anti-Semitism is actively waged and that „never again“ never become empty words!
We fight for a good life for everyone in a society based on solidarity!
United in our commitment to a life without exploitation, marginalization and oppression, we fight against the fascization that is taking place. This fight only works from below. Self-organized. On a grassroot level. Therefore: Organize yourself, form gangs, connect our struggles. Even beyond this day!
Let’s go to the radical left block at the #nichtmituns-demo on the 15.02.2020 at the Domplatz in Erfurt!
When? 1 pm Where? Domplatz Erfurt