Today (20.02.) in Erfurt, 6:00pm: demonstration on the Angerdreieck

DEMO: In memory of Hanau – solidarity with those affected by racist violence! Stop the right-wing terror!

In memoria di Hananau | Ji bo bîranîna Hanau ê. | Hanau anısına | Xusuusta Hanau | In memory of Hanau | Im Gedenken an Hanau | En mémoire d’Hanau

Yesterday, Wednesday, a racist murdered ten people in Hanau. This is the second largest right-wing terrorist attack in the history of Germany. Therefore we will go on the streets of Erfurt today (20 February)  to commemorate the dead. And to show the living that we stand by their side: All together against fascism! 

The terrorist act of Hanau did not come from nowhere. Whether NSU, the assassination of Walter Lübcke or the murders of Halle: Right-wing radicals do not only call for violence on the internet – they arm themselves and strike. Recently, various right-wing terror cells have been exposed. Until their arrest, they had all been stockpiling ammunition and explosives, drawing up death lists and sometimes close connections to police officers and soldiers. However, these institutions do not fight this fact decisively, but weigh it up, talk about individual cases – they protect their own people and themselves. Not to forget: The „Verfassungsschutz“, which plays a decisive role in the NSU murder series, had until a few months ago with Hans-Georg Maaßen (CDU-Werteunion) a right-wing radical conspiracy theorist as its boss.

People who are affected by racism and anti-Semitism on a daily basis are constantly questioning what kind of hatred is normal in our society. But not enough space is given to them, their reports do not lead to broad social anti-fascism. Instead, the stage is repeatedly given to people who devalue the lives of others and hierarchize them in a logic of capitalist exploitation. 

The problem is thus not only the radical right, but the entire social discourse and the proven racist and anti-Semitic attitudes in the so strongly conjured ‚middle‘ of society. Militant neo-Nazis can feel encouraged by the AfD and the racist rhetoric cultivated in the so-called middle-class middle of society by people like the Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer and FDP leader Christian Lindner. Not even two weeks ago the self-proclaimed ‚bourgeois centre‘ of FDP and CDU rehearsed the official closing of ranks with fascists here in Thuringia. The right-wing terror from Hanau shows once again why this closing of ranks, which has long been a reality at the municipal level in Thuringia, is so dangerous and must be prevented with all our strength. In his confessional video, the assassin says he wanted to fend off the onslaught of foreign peoples on Germany. This racism is the echo of the „boat is full“ speeches and the drooling of „foreign infiltration“ – we have been reading them in newspapers for years and hear them again and again from politicians of all parties. Here a normalization takes place, which we do not want to accept. These speeches must always, at every point, be contradicted and opposed. 

In view of the murders, the slogan „Resist the beginnings“ seems helpless – because there has never been a zero hour – racism and anti-Semitism are an integral part of German society. Let’s stop watching: Come with us today on the streets! Let us oppose the right-wing terror and the racist and anti-Semitic consensus in this society! Let us speak out against racism and exclusion! 

Let’s pick up the message of last Saturday which thousands of people from left-wing and radical left-wing groups, trade unions, NGOs, youth groups, parties took to the streets and where we made a promise: to continue the fight against fascism and racism. Today we have to keep this promise and stand in solidarity with the people affected by right-wing terror and racism. 

For a solidary society! All together against fascism! 

20 February, 18.00 o’clock: Angerdreieck Erfurt.

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